Matrimony Customs of Tamils in India

The marriage process of south Indian Tamils are a complex ritual indeed. Most of the marriages are done through what is called ‘Arranged Marriages’. Until recently the boys were in high demand. But due to the lower birth rate of women now girls are a sought after thing in marriage. Nowadays the tide has turned and the boys are finding it difficult to get suitable girls to the dismay of their parents.

The marriage takes place in different phases. The process starts once the girl finishes her education and starts working. This is true for any middle class families. The horoscope is created for the girl and the parents start giving it out to their friends and relatives first. It may be given to the so called marriage brokers. Nowadays parents also post their girls profiles in online dating sites.

Once the girl’s parents start getting proposals from interested boys the process becomes more intense. First the boy’s family background is checked and verified that it is indeed a respectable family who can have a good name in the locality. The next step is to match the horoscopes of both boy and girl as per the Hindu ancient astrology.

Once the horoscopes match then the boy and girl meet and decide whether they want to proceed further. Once finalized then the ceremonies begin and the marriage is done over a period of 3 days. People spend thousands of dollars in a marriage and it is considered the most important milestone in one’s life since the divorce rates are still low in India.

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