Moon Songs Vibrate Within You

Believe it or not! The Moon is one of the most sung about themes this century, from fairy romantic lyrics to funky darker ones in which talents like Pink Floyd’s have printed their view of the moon from a different telescope sight.

From Gregorian chants to folk songs, and medieval ballads to carols, musicians and songwriters like Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young have kept the bumped skin of the Moon inside the memory of lovers, nature followers, and even of astrologers.

The Moon, in Astrology, is the ruler of Cancer. The Moon represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious. Where the Sun acts, the Moon reacts; the Moon is our spontaneous and instinctual reactions. Imagine now how to put this into words!… there you have lots of tunes & songs saved in original sheets and playable music formats.

The oldest recorded Moon song of this century and the most popularized of all Moon songs is “Shine On Harvest Moon,” written in 1903 by Nora Bayes and Jack Nortworth. And it is my due to place here a humble list of moon songs and its performers, all of them ranging the spheres of music such as New Age, Rock & Pop, Bluegrass & Country, Contemporary, and never forget the Oldies but Goodies.


Harvest Moon, by Neil Young.

Dancing On A White Moon, by Tangerine Dream – New Age moon song.

Blue Moon, originally written by Rodgers and Hart, and later recorded by Elvis Presly and Louis Armstrong.

The Moon Is Down, by Gentle Giant.

Blue Moon of Kentucky, by Bill Monroe.

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