Polygyny in Islam – The Profound Wisdom Behind it and Its Numerous Benefits

Polygyny is the act of having more than one spouse, and lamentably, it is a no-no subject for some individuals. In spite of the fact that Muslims, remembering those for the Middle East, are permitted to take more than one spouse, this can be considered a “wonders,” as under 1% of relationships are polygamous. Despite the fact that polygyny is infrequently acknowledged everywhere on the world, the thoughts behind this training make it one that ties individuals together as opposed to isolating them. Indeed, it jam relationships and ensures that separation, issues, and despondency don’t happen.

Most importantly, it is expressed in the Quran (or Koran) in Surah (part) al-Nisa, Verse 3: “And on the off chance that you have motivation to expect that you probably won’t act impartially towards vagrants, at that point wed from among [other] ladies, for example, are legal to you – [even] two, or three, or four: yet on the off chance that you have motivation to expect that you probably won’t have the option to treat them with equivalent reasonableness, at that point [only] one – or [from among] those whom you legitimately have. This will make it more probable that you won’t stray from the correct course.” This refrain expresses that men can have up to four spouses, or any number under four. In any case, it likewise expresses that in the event that a man can’t treat his spouses with decency, at that point he needs to keep just one. The expression “veer off from the correct course” demonstrates that a man should treat every one of his spouses with balance, in cash, investing energy with them, giving them what they ask, and so forth, and in the event that he can’t, at that point to just keep one. This is reasonable for the spouse and shields the man from settling on unreasonable choices as to marriage.

Subsequent to setting up the evidence that polygyny is reasonable, we should take a gander at the shrewdness behind it. Polygyny takes into account more youngsters to be conceived, which thusly raises the size of the ummah (local area). The ummah, with an enormous populace, will have numerous specialists, officers, instructors, and so forth Essentially, more individuals rises to greater thriving, the spread of Islam, and more noteworthy safeguard for the ummah.

Man, as indicated by his fitrah (characteristic attitude), is loaded with want, and sex is the lone halal (legitimate) source for these longings. A few men may have more longing than others, thus one spouse may not fulfill him. In the event that polygyny isn’t permitted, he may have an unsanctioned romance and wind up harming his better half and his generally cheerful marriage. How frequently has an occurrence like this been seen on TV, read about in the paper, or caught wind of through loved ones? In the event that men in numerous nations can have the same number of sweethearts as they like, and have sexual relations with them, why are individuals so contradicted to having different spouses? Lady friends are not permitted in Islam, however the idea actually remains – having sexual relations with more than one accomplice is ordinary, so having more than one spouse is fine too.

In proportion, there are a bigger number of ladies than men, and the Quran expresses that close to the furthest limit of times, there will be fifty ladies to one man. On the off chance that plural marriage isn’t permitted, take a gander at the number of spouses there would be without husbands. Furthermore, in the midst of war, the men proceed to battle, giving up their spouses. This reduces the quantity of men, and if polygyny isn’t permitted, there would be numerous forlorn widows.


Taking everything into account, there are numerous advantages to be had from polygyny. The thought is strange to many individuals, yet in the event that they can move beyond the social, strict, and cultural boundaries that keep them from grasping polygyny, there would be far less separations, despondent relationships, and undertakings. Given that polygyny is drilled decently and with regards to the Quran, relationships would be more steady, there would be more joyful spouses and husbands, and Muslims would be taking direction from their heavenly book and following the case of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) in keeping various wives.

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