Realignment Proposal Would Make It Impossibe For Dodgers-Astros World Series Rematch

Because both teams have a talented young corps of players, the Astros and Dodgers may return to the World Series in 2018. The odds are quite slim, considering the same two teams have not made back to back appearances in the Fall Classic in forty years.

If Houston and Los Angeles do not reach the World Series next year, then it could be impossible for both of them to win pennants ever again in the same season. By then, according to a proposal regarding expansion advocated in the sport’s most revered magazine, they could very likely be in the same league.

According to columnist Tracy Ringolsby, a longtime writer at Baseball America, stated in the October 26 issue that expansion would cause radical realignment of the current divisions. He believes that MLB will add franchises in Montreal and Portland, which would lead to an imbalance under the present configurations of the six divisions.

With that in mind, Ringolsby suggests that baseball be realigned into four divisions with eight teams each. Their designations would be East, North, Midwest, and West, whose champions would automatically advance to the Division Series.

The West would contain the five California teams, as well as Seattle, Arizona, and Portland. Both Chicago clubs, along with Milwaukee, Kansas City, and St. Louis, would join the two teams in Texas to make up the Midwest.

Boston, Detroit, Minnesota, Toronto and Montreal would, along with the two New York teams, compete in the North. A final division called East would feature the two Florida and Pennsylvania cities, as well as Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, and Cincinnati.

The eight teams with the next best records would qualify as Wild Card teams, who would have to win a play in game to reach the Division Series. The four winners would move on to the Championship Series and, according to Ringolsby’s idea, the two teams to emerge victorious would play in the World Series.


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