How Do Email Marketers Rate Their Email Campaigns?

According to Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census, only 4% of email marketers rate their email campaigns as ‘excellent’ and 35% said their email marketing was ‘good’.  e-darts On the opposite side of the coin, nearly two thirds (61%) rate themselves as either ‘poor’ or ‘average’.

The report looked at over 1300 agencies and clients in the following areas:

Email design and content
Email strategy
Mobile optimized email
Despite the increasing number of online tools available, marketers still rely on email for producing a strong ROI. The reason that marketers switched to online is the same reason email holds such great appeal: Its effectiveness can be measured.

However, the figures reported by Econsultancy shows that the majority of marketers don’t rate their email success very highly. This means that marketers are failing to incorporate the best practices into their email campaigns.

Work smart

Nearly everything in business involves time management. If effective strategies are put into place, an email campaign shouldn’t take up the majority of the day to put together – time is, after all, money.

The Email Marketing Industry Census found that 62% of marketers spend 2 or more hours designing a campaign, with another 18% saying that they spend 8 or more hours on an email campaign. Not only does this mean extra costs for the work being put in, but it leaves less time for email testing.

Of the companies that participated, those that did sufficient testing were more likely to produce a good ROI (74%). In spite of this, 27% of respondents said that they spent no time testing and optimizing emails, with just 19% saying that they spend at least two hours a week on testing and optimising.

Though many email testing and optimizing processes can be streamlined, these figures would suggest that marketers are spending the majority of their time on email presentation as opposed to actual functionality; which could be affecting the overall campaign success.

Email strategy and mobile integration

With the number of smartphone users on the rise, email marketers have no choice but to incorporate mobile strategy’s. Just 25% say that they have a mobile strategy in place, while a surprising 71% said that their mobile strategy was either ‘basic’ or non-existent. That said, 31% placed mobile as their top priority.

What’s more, marketers email strategy as a whole appears to be lacking, and not just from a mobile perspective. 12% of respondents said that they had no email strategy in place at all, and 43% of respondents view their lack of email strategy as a serious problem.

And rightfully so.

With over 55% of companies saying that they see more than 10% of their sales coming from email and another 8% crediting email for half of their total sales, a poor email strategy definitely spells a dilemma.


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