Third Party Ship Management Services – What to Look For When Choosing to Outsource

Outsourcing ship management services to third-party service providers can help shipping companies enhance their operational efficiency in running the day-to-day operations of a vessel.

There are a wide range of activities involved in the management and operation of a ship, which can include maintenance engineering, vessel crewing, quality system management, safety system management, integrated logistics support, property management, inventory control, and procurement.

Ship managers and ship owners strike an agreement as to the scope of power the manager holds. Some shipping companies for instance, turn over full control of the ship’s operations to the third-party ship management¬† Aws Managed Services provider. This gives ship owners the chance to focus on their core competencies, and find ways to improve their business.

Ship owners can also choose to transfer control of specific marine operations, such as vessel crewing, and even shore-based activities such as logistics support.

When choosing a ship operations and management company to run a fleet, it’s always important to choose a company with extensive experience in the field. Aside from having the expertise and experience that newer companies do not have, they are also likely to have a larger network of contacts, which is useful when finding new crew for vessels or procuring items.


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